Watch The Best Moments From Tonight’s Marrying The Game: From Tub Love To A Tough Talk


Oh lawd. Tonight’s Marrying the Game caps off the season with a cliffhanger, complete with a “To be continued” tease at the end. How dare they mess with us like that, especially after a bubble bath love fest AND a down and dirty relationship fight? It’s just not fair, we tell ya.

While the episode ended on a sour note, it started with straight up sex. Yes, upon arriving in Cabo and enjoying some beach time (where we learned that Jayceon is a socks-on kinda guy when it comes to the sand) the couple ends up making out in a rose petal-filled bubble bath. It’s a Skinamax worthy love moment…not that we watch such things. (Often.)

The romance continues as Jayceon takes Tiffney to fulfill a Bucket List dream: swimming with dolphins. She’s genuinely excited – shrieking in the water with glee as the dolphins lift her up, water ski style. The Game abstains – “Dolphins be raping motherf*ckers, man!” – but he is in great spirits, enjoying watching his woman splash around. Later, they have a flirty lunch over cocktails and banter positively about their relationship. Things are going great! The engagement is definitely going to pick back up, right?