Basketball Wives Episode 6: Big Diva


Things just got weird. Thanks, Big Diva.

Ev Cries
The residual blowback from Tasha‘s headbutt comments is still lingering this week on Basketball Wives, and Evelyn has excused herself from lunch because of ow hurt she is by what she’s just learned. “Am I being dramatic?” she asks Shaunie. “I would never say that. That’s like me making jokes about the chef.”

Later, at a photo shoot she’s doing for VIBE Vixen, Evelyn and Tami speak and Ev reiterates that, though Suzie might make jokes about the chef, she doesn’t laugh at them because she knows “that’s something that really hurt her.” Tami says that the old Evelyn would definitely have thrown something at Tasha if the incident has escalated, but the best thing to do now is to tell Tasha how much the comments hurt.

“Domestic violence reallllly isn’t something to poke fun about,” Tami explains, and even though she knows Tasha wasn’t trying to be malicious, she feels that it’s not really fodder for jokes.

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