The 5 Most Important Moments From Miami Monkey: Episode 4


Morgan’s back, Ang’s tooth is missing, and Ryan’s grinding with Cristina on a surfboard. Yep, it’s this week’s most important Miami Monkey moments!

5. Morgan is back and working at The Monkey!Ryan announces – for the 800th time – her frustration that she moved to Miami to work at the Monkey and gets no love from Ang, who is obsessed with Morgan. But Ang is too busy shouting “I love Morgan!” while wearing her Team Morgan t-shirt to notice. Meanwhile, Morgan gazes at them all over her tented fingers and lets out an evil cackle. Mwah ha ha!

4. Marissa and Raquel share a moment over Frankie. Well didn’t this just break our darn hearts! Marissa shares with Raquel just how much she’s missing her jailed husband Frankie and how she’s desperately waiting for their conjugal visits to kick in (oh girl, we are rooting for you). Raquel, who’s known Frankie since they were kids, gets emotional and professes her admiration for Marissa and her devotion to her man. Friendship!

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