Basketball Wives: Stank Attitudes And Angry Birds


Shaunie is planning a thirteenth birthday party for her son, Shareef, which she has dubbed a “bro mitvah.” It’s going to be huge. 150 kids. A photo booth. And hopefully Big Sean, Wiz Kalifa or Lil’ Wayne. Fire. And girls to walk him down a red carpet as he enters. Typical 13-year-old stuff, you know? (Ed. Note: My 13th birthday party was me and five friends at the Wendy’s Super Bar. We ate Frosties and chili.)
When it’s finally party time, Shareef does indeed walk in on a red carpet, there are multiple wardrobe changes, arcade games and a DJ. Alas, no Big Sean or Wiz Kalifa, though. Shaunie is clearly proud of her son, and she’d do anything for him, it’s a sweet family moment to watch her bro get mitzvah’d.

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