Basketball Wives: Stank Attitudes And Angry Birds


Tasha gathers all the women together to confront them about why they weren’t at her birthday. “We were at the birthday party,” Shaunie corrects her. We should point out that Tasha has said numerous times that she is a mature woman who handles her shiz directly, and to the point, and she’s no joke. As she enters the restaurant, she barely even says hello, saying “Who wants to start?” Not it?

“We didn’t get the memo to come later, we came on time,” Shaunie explains.

“Well, when it’s somebody’s birthday,” Tasha reasons, no matter how late the birthday girl is, you wait. “Who comes to a birthday party and leaves?”

“I am sorry your feelings were hurt, that was not the intention,” Shaunie says. “But — ”

“There is no ‘buts,'” Tasha tells her. “We don’t need to go into the ‘but’ part.'”

“But,” Shaunie continues, “you was late.”

Tasha asks Suzie for her excuse and then dismissed her because, as she tells Suzie directly, “You just follow what the other ladies do.”

The reactions in this scene? Priceless:





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