Basketball Wives: Stank Attitudes And Angry Birds


The conversation is far from over despite the fact that apologies were offered, because Shaunie wants to know who, at the party, let it leak that they left early and referred to all the women as “angry birds.” If anyone is an angry bird, it’s Tasha, Shaunie says, and goes on to tell Tasha “You should adjust that little stank attitude.” Tasha, still harping on the fact that this is her birthday month, says it’s not over and there’s still plenty of time for all of them to make it up to her.

This whole scene is awkward and uncomfortable, and it doesn’t help that Suzie, who is clearly pissed off at the stuff Tasha said to her, keeps taking digs at her, like saying that the next present they should get Tasha is a watch so she’s not late again. This is a sign of things to come. Terrible things to come.

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