Basketball Wives: Stank Attitudes And Angry Birds


Suzie goes to Tasha’s hotel room to confronther and, just like Tasha, she gets right to business. Except that she kind of just launches a missile instead of easing into things, and she tells Tasha “F— you for acting that way toward me.”

“F— you is a little harsh,” Tasha says.

“Well, f— you,” Suzie says, bringing out her “Little Tami.”

“F— you back,” Tasha responds.

“F— you harder.” Are we in eighth grade here?
Tasha kicks Suzie out of her hotel room but she can’t leave well enough alone and before the elevator can come, she confronts Suzie again and it devolves into a “whose hand is in whose face” situation. Tasha walks away but Suzie chases her and knocks her hat off.

“Put your hands on me again and it’s going to be a major problem,” Tasha tells her. Sounds like Little Tami might have a Little Tasha to contend with.

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