Black Ink Crew Episode Two: Mistakes And Goodbyes


After an explosive season premiere, it’s time for Black Ink Crew to adjust to L.A.C. (Life After Puma) and decide who on staff is considered an asset or a liability. It also might be a good idea to pay your bills on time? (Auto-pay can help! Just a suggestion.)

Captain Dutchess runs a tight ship, but when it’s not exactly hers to run, there’s bound to be conflict.

Boss man Ceaser is feeling the pressure at every turn, but is he capable of keeping Black Ink afloat? Check out the must-see moments from last night’s episode, and excuse us while we grab a tissue and think about how tight this group used to be.

Sassy Says “Enough!”


As the newly appointed manager, Sassy didn’t feel experienced enough to handle the day-to-day operations at Black Ink, as well as unexpected run-ins with the power company or City Marshalls. She talked to Ceaser about going back to her old role as head of the shop’s PR, and the two smiled at their ability to leave any Dutchess-related issues out of their business. That is, until Dutchess wanted revenge on Sassy, after she felt an Instagram post (remember, kids: the internet is written in ink!) criticized her relationship with Ceaser. Channeling her inner Mean Girl, Dutchess made Sassy the butt of a slow day office joke, and spread rumors that she slept with Teddy. Soon enough, a mysterious, texting birdie told Sassy what was going down. “Black Ink is a negative situation in my life, so I just don’t want any part of it,” Sassy told the camera, after floating into the shop and leaving the message that she would no longer be working there.

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