Basketball Wives Episode 8: Hate Me


That Place
“Listen, we’re right back to exactly what we said, it could go real right or real wrong. It was going real right in the f—ing beginning, and now it’s starting to go to that place where we kind of thought it could possibly go.”
Suzie and Tasha are currently in a fight. After Suzie went to Tasha’s hotel room last week to confront her and ask why she singled Suzie out as a follower of the “angry birds” things ended badly, with Tasha chasing Suzie down the hotel hallway and Suzie knocking Tasha’s hat to the ground. (Imagine if you will, the blog version of a fuzzy flashback of that moment.)

Suzie meets with Tami, who’s in the middle of getting her hair done, to tell her how it all went down and how Little Tami reared her head, and Tami is shocked by how Suzie handled the situation.

Tami Whats Gonna Happen Now
“What is gon’ happen now?” Tami wants to know.

Suzie explains that she wants an apology, which Tami agrees with. Sort of. Tami thinks Suzie deserves an apology for the way Tasha treated her at the restaurant, but that Suzie should apologize for telling Tasha “F— you” at her hotel. Tami’s a good mediator when she’s not directly involved in the situation! “I have Suzie’s back in this moment,” Tami says. “I’m always gonna stand up for the little man. Even when she’s six feet tall.”

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