Basketball Wives Episode 8: Hate Me


Tami and Suzie go wine tasting because why the hell not? It’s a place we haven’t gone before to get some exposition out of the way.

Suzie explains her concern over going to London with Tasha and how she might need the help of Little Tami again to back her up. The real Tami is concerned that Suzie’s a little to possessive of Little Tami these days and revokes all Little Tami privileges. (Side note, all I can imagine when I hear “Little Tami” is a ventriloquist’s dummy made up to look like Tami Roman. Night, night, Little Tami. Time to go back in your box now.)

Tami’s not without her own Tasha issues, she’s still a little sour over Tasha’s request that Tami get her a birthday gift. When it turns out that the wine they’re tasting is from a region of France called “Bugey” they can’t resist getting a bottle for their bougey friend. Remember the last time the ladies had a bougey friend? That didn’t work out so well.

Tami says she never expected Tasha to be so “pinky in the air bougey” but that’s exactly what she is. And to that, she toasts her.

Next week, London! Will the rest of the girls fly economy and Tasha takes the Concorde across the pond? Will Evelyn’s fashion show get off the ground? Will Little Tami make an appearance? Tune in…

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