Basketball Wives Episode 8: Hate Me


Going To London
Ahh, the annual Basketball Wives trip. The getaway where, as Shaunie explains, there’s always a catastrophe. And yet they still insist on stamping that passport and getting the hell out of dodge, rolling those dice to see what kind of blowout will happen. When Shaunie suggests that all five ladies — yes, even Tasha — go to London Fashion Week, there are a few raised eyebrows. And they all belong to Tami.

“Tasha can come along, and if I don’t like that she’s there, I’ll just ignore the hell out of her,” she says.

Even though things didn’t go “really wrong” between the two women, Tami feels like there’s a weird vibe in the air, especially since Tami tried to offer Tasha some friendly business advice at her weave bar opening. “The energy was a little off,” Evelyn agrees. Maybe it was all that asbestos? Cough.

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