Basketball Wives Episode 8: Hate Me


Tami’s mother, Nadine, is still receiving treatment for her liver cancer, and she and Tami visit a new doctor. The old doctor gave Tami a grim prognosis for her mom, and the new doctor is a little more optimistic. Which is great, except that Tami can’t take this emotional roller coaster, and she tells the doctor about how difficult it is to prepare for the worst and then have it get drawn out.
Tamis Mom

“My mother’s condition is very trying on me and my daughters, emotionally,” she explains. “So for me, I’ve kinda put a wall up, which may not be the actual, proper way to handle it, but I can’t keep going through this, emotionally.” Tami decides to send her mom to counseling to work on some of her own issues, and Tami plans to wait until a definitive diagnosis comes through before really starting to process things.

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