From Break-Up To Make-Up: 10 Reality TV Reconciliations We Didn’t See Coming


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All relationships evolve. It’s a part of life, and it’s the driving force behind 90% of reality television. Without the fights and break-ups we’ve come to expect on reality shows, there would be no point in watching them. But there’s something about that moment when a formerly bad relationship turns good again. When women start acting grown and classy the way so many of them insist they already are, when couples who had their differences realize the love they still feel. It’s enough to give us the warm fuzzies.

We pulled together ten of the biggest reconciliations in recent history to prove that sometimes great TV is less about punches thrown and more about hugging it out. Chrissy and Somaya, Benzino and Stevie J, Drita and Ramona… these are just a few of the pairs who have agreed to set their differences aside. But who’s our number one make-up? Check out the list to find out.

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