Basketball Wives: London Calling


London! Yayyy! After this trip, it would appear that the Basketball Wives vacation curse has been lifted. But it wasn’t without it’s rocky moments. Like…

Okay, we’re not even in London for ten minutes when Suzie starts wondering (and can she actually be serious??) about UK strip clubs and the women who work in them. Are they actually “pale as s—“? Do they get spray tanned? Do their vaginas hurt from grinding on guys’ jeans? (Seriously, WTF is any of this?? The look on everyone’s faces says they don’t know either.)
Strip Clubs
No one knows what to make of Suzie’s random non sequitur. “Suzie always goes to the left,” Tami says. “Now she’s talking about friction on jeans.”

So to this point, Suzie and Tasha seemed to have an understanding that in order for this London trip to work, they’d ignore one another. But Tasha can’t hold her tongue after this random strip club chatter, and starts calling Suzie “a little froggy these days” and suggests she’s off her meds.

“I liked you at first,” Suzie tells Tasha. “But then, you’re just a little too stuck up.”

No one else in the car wants any part of this and Evelyn just prays these two have a conversation in private to work out their differences.

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