Basketball Wives: London Calling


Since the women are in London for Fashion Week, it makes sense that they actually head to some shows. When Suzie stops by Tami’s room to pick her up for the day, Tami announces she’s not going because she has a family emergency: her daughter Jazz has been robbed at gunpoint. Tami’s dead on when she tells Suzie” If it’s not one thing, it’s another.” Seriously, she’s going through a lot.

Everyone understands when Suzie delivers the message of why Tami can’t go, but they forge ahead without her to the first show. But Evelyn points out that the energy changed among the women after hearing what Tami and her daughter went through. Tasha and Suzie actually start getting along, miracle of miracles. Suzie even admits later that she feels bad about the way she’s been handling Tasha and says that their differences are “kind of irrelevant right now.”
Later, at dinner, they both actually apologize to one another and everyone is happy. It’s as easy as that, folks.

“Do we need to discuss anything else?” Tami asks the table at dinner, hoping to either get some good gossip or clear any other air that needs to be cleared, or some combo of the two. And that’s when Evelyn asks Tasha “What’s going on with Crazy?” With who now?

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