Black Ink Crew Episode Four: Dutchess Is Ready To Fight


Ceaser Steals O’S**t’s Client

O’S**t has been through a lot in recent months, but he’s trying to get it together–just ignore the fact that he misspelled the word “against” two weeks ago. Despite recent screw-ups and a shaky history with Cease, he’s ready to work. But how can he do that when Ceaser is taking all of his clients? Whether a misunderstanding or Ceaser trying to prove “the customer is always right,” taking away one of S**t’s former clients will not help the rift that is beginning to form between these two. “You’re trying to embarrass me in front of my client, and you’re trying to take money out of my pocket? And he know I got these lawyer fees to pay?” And girlfriend fees, and baby fees, and baby mama fees…

And then there was Puma’s news. Oh boy.

Will Puma start a war by opening his own shop? Did Dutchess handle her conversation with Sassy the right way? Was it poor form for Ceaser to tattoo O’S**t’s client? Let us know in the comments below.

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