Lil Mama Calls CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story “Perfect,” Says TLC Is A “Voice Of The Youth”


What’s it like to perform Keke and Drew?
Oh my God, it’s incredible. So much chemistry and yes, it’s incredible.

You guys are all musicians. Would you want to perform together elsewhere?
I would love to work with them; I love working with them. They’re incredible.

Which song or moment in TLC’s career do you think had the biggest impact on the music world?
Crazysexycool, because with Crazysexycool people got a chance to know who they were and to see them make mistakes in the public eye. People got a chance to feel like, “Hey, I’m just like that girl.” And they also got a chance to see them make a change. They changed in front of everyone’s eyes from these cool, crazy, like kind of tomboy-ish girls to some crazy, sexy, cool girls. My favorite song is “Diggin’ on You.”

That’s what Keke said, too.
That’s her favorite song? Look, she knows that that’s my favorite song, OK? She needs to back off [laughs]. She knows that that’s my favorite song. Everybody knows; I made it clear.

What do you think about other girl groups that have come after TLC? Will anyone be able to compare?
I mean, there’s never a comparison unless you make it a comparison for yourself from the beginning, when it comes to groups or even individuals as artists. When you set out to be like someone else, or when you set out to compete or outdo someone else in their style or in their walk, you’re kind of setting yourself up for failure because you have your own thing, we’re all special. TLC was a very special group. No other group can do or be what TLC has been or what they’ve done and not only in the industry but in life period.

TLC’s songs are full of social commentary. Do you think there are a lot of artists doing that today, or is that something that’s specific to TLC and their time period?
Wow that’s an interesting question, a very interesting question. That is a universal timeless thing to be conscious of what you’re saying, to touch the people through your music. I’m a big fan of Bruno Mars [sings] “‘Cause you’re amazing, just the way you are.’” In that song he’s reminding someone how beautiful they are, the way they are. And with all the cosmetic surgery going on, that’s a very prevalent, relevant song. And I think that it was important for TLC to do that, because they were tapping into their souls, they were tapping into their hearts. As far as being social, it’s very timeless. It’s missing in many of the songs that are popular today but it’s present at the same time.

What is the legacy of TLC?
The legacy of TLC is being a groundbreaking, innovative, voice of the youth. ‘Cause not only were they cool and someone that you looked up to and wanted to be like, but they were very boisterous and honest to themselves. It wasn’t like [they were] trying to be perfect; it was what it was. And that helps me as a person–in playing Lisa and being a part of the group through the movie. It helps me understand that I just need to be myself and people who love what I’m doing will follow me. People who don’t, won’t.

[Photo Credit: Blake Tyers/VH1]

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