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Miami Monkey: Ryan Tells Marissa To “Act Like A Lady”

This main focus of this episode was getting to the truth of who said what among the New York girls. Through constant “he said, she said” and yelling, Marissa tries to find out what Cristina said to Morgan while Raquel, Roxanne, and Ryan blame Morgan for instigating drama. In the midst of all the fighting, Ryan tells Marissa to “act like a lady” which throws Marissa over the edge, frustrates her even more, and causes her to really lose her temper. With their over the top personalities and no-nonsense New York attitude, it was only a matter of time before these women started clashing heads. After all of these fights and arguments, we are still left to wonder who really is at fault for causing the cracks within the New York girls’ friendship.

Would you wear Evelyn’s clothing line? Do you agree with Ceaser’s “Mommy”? Who is to blame for the drama between the New York girls at Miami Monkey?

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