How Does CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story Stack Up With These 10 Awesome Made-For-TV Music Biopics?


8.Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story (2001)

Part of VH1’s own “Movies That Rock” series, this biopic brings the bygone days of hair metal back to the small screen with these British bad boys. Chronicling the band’s beginnings, through toRick Allen‘s car accident and the recording of their blockbuster Hysteria, the flick also features Anthony Michael Hall as legendary producer Mutt Lange.


7.Growing Up Brady (2000)

Where else can you watch a pre-OC Adam Brody and a pre-Big Bang TheoryKaley CuocoasGreg and Marsha Brady, fighting the urges to make-out despite the fact that they’re supposed to be brother and sister? Based on real-life Brady Bunch star Barry Williams‘s 1992 autobiography, the biopic depicts the (semi) naughty behind the scenes hijinks behind the scenes of the shag-carpetted sitcom. The scene where 16-year-old Barry asks his TV mom Florence Henderson out on a date is worth the price of admission!

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