Black Ink Crew Episode Five: Mating Season


Black Ink Welcomes The Celebrities

Ceaser might be worrying about Black Ink’s future, but for now, customers are still coming through the doors. And famous ones at that! Two notable clients crossed the threshold of Black Ink tonight: Jadakiss, the rapper who reminds us that cocky and confident are two different things, and Tyshawn Taylor, point guard for the Brooklyn Nets. Who cares if O’S**t is a Knicks and Bulls fan? As long as he can count, right?


While Taylor displays the potential notoriety S**t can gain for his work, and what he could become should his legal troubles miraculously vanish, Jada reminds Ceaser about the importance of friendship even in times of trouble. Are both of these visits just interesting coincidences, or will our favorite artists think back to these fateful meetings in the future?

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