Love & Hip Hop Season Premiere Recap: “I’m The Wifey”


She’s the wifey.

This season of Love & Hip Hop looks like it’s going to combine some New York edge with some Atlanta crazy. Up until now, the New York-original flavor of the series has maintained a more serious side with fewer love triangles and more people just trying to figure out how to reconcile love and business. That’s about to change thanks to Peter Gunz. But first, let’s get caught up with some of the old familiars.

Joe & Tahiry
Joe Tahiry
“Yes, people, Joe Budden and Tahiry are back together.” (Yay!) As we see the pair doing their old thing (Joe playing cinematographer of their every day lives), Joe wastes no time telling Tahiry he wants a baby. But Tahiry’s freezing Joe out for the moment because she’s waiting on the results of his STD test before she lets him have any piece of her. (Sounds like someone saw The TLC Story and isn’t about to chase waterfalls.) Joe’s pretty sure she has nothing to worry about.
So far though, they’re on solid ground after ten shaky years of breaking up and making up. “We’re even going to therapy,” Tahiry explains.

After days of waiting, Joe takes Tahiry out to celebrate — their STD tests all came back clean, “We both know what that means,” Joe says. “She’s gonna have a hard night tonight.”
Up High
You’ve gotta love a couple that celebrates their impending night of sex with the old “up high!”

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