Love & Hip Hop Season Premiere Recap: “I’m The Wifey”


Rich & Erica
Rich Erica
Rich and Erica are no longer together, but the real surprise is that they’re still close friends. After all the turmoil with Tiffany last season, we don’t know how they forgave and forgot all that drama, but they’re proving that they’re mature enough to get past things. Good for them!

Rich meets up with Erica at a lingerie store where she’s picking out an outfit to wear on the cover of her new sex book. It’s a book about how to please a woman, because, as she explains, “Right now, I’m batting for the other team. I gotta say, I’m lovin’ a woman’s touch.” See, her experience dating Rich was so effed up that she decided to take a break from dudes, and part of the craziness of it all had to do with Peter Gunz, Rich’s partner who was decidedly anti-Erica. Erica’s no fan of “Little Gunz” since he played a role in breaking them up. And you can see that in her face when she talks about him.
Little Gunz
“You gotta kinda cut out the Little Gunz situation,” she tells Rich. “You can call me trouble, but this dude is a backstabbing snake.”

On to that backstabbing snake!

Peter & Tara…& Amina
Peter Tara
Tara Wallace and Pete Gunz have two kids together, a thirteen-year history, and from the looks of it, an ideal relationship. After over a decade, they still look completely in love and lust with each other. Tara knows that Peter’s been working with Amina, a.k.a. Amina Buddafly, and wants to get her signed to Rich and Yandy’s budding new record label, but Tara only meets Amina at her performer showcase, where Amina sings for Rich and Yandy.
To watch the two women meet, it seems like a perfectly normal event.
Oh, to be privy to Peter’s thoughts at that exact moment.

Over in the studio after the showcase, we see the real nature of Amina and Peter’s relationship. She lets him play her keyboards (sort of a euphemism but also quite literally), and he explains that Tara is his soulmate but Amina…he just connects with on a musical level. Where have we seen this kind of behavior before?


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