Love & Hip Hop Season Premiere Recap: “I’m The Wifey”


“My heart is torn between these two amazing women,” Peter explains, saying he’s genuinely in love with them both. After a night in the studio with Amina, Pete doesn’t return home, and when he finally rolls up to the park to say hi to Tara, she’s angry. Rightfully so, he bailed on taking his son to school, he never called Tara to tell her where he was, and the first sign of where he’d been was an Instagram photo of him with Amina lying on his chest. Oh, this Instagram??
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“Are you f—ing with her?” Tara asks, and he tells her “No.” But Tara’s used to this kind of behavior and tells him “You act like you don’t remember your double life. I was pregnant and you had another child someplace else that I didn’t even know about.”

Peter kept trying to tell Tara his phone was off, his phone was dead and, bless her, Tara doesn’t buy the bull. “We all know how phones work nowadays.”

“I don’t believe you,” Tara tells him. “You’re a f—ing liar. You’re just being a f—ing dick is what you’re doing.”

So contrast that relationship with this one:

“We’ve been together for a year now,” Amina explains. Their working relationship became intimate, and now Amina is waiting for Peter to break things off with Tara so they can out themselves Apparently she doesn’t realize she and Tara are both being played. Amina resents the fact that Peter has another life with another woman and their kids who require his attention. “I just want him around more, I want him with me, is that too much for a girl to ask for?”

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