History of Beef: Tamar Braxton Versus K. Michelle


Based on Tamar Braxton‘s performance yesterday of “The One” on Big Morning Buzz Live, it’s clear that her singing deserves all the attention, not her shade. But alas, headlines over rift with K.Michelle just won’t die because both parties are keeping it alive.

Basically, if Tamar Braxton and K.Michelle were two girls sitting at the same cafeteria table, Tamar would be the slick-talking mean girl at the very end of the row, rolling her eyes, pointing and laughing in K’s direction — essentially gossiping behind her back directly in her face. In turn, K. would be the girl who ultimately decides that she is fed up and proceed to throw something in Tamar’s face. I don’t know, perhaps a slice of pizza, only she’d take a bite of it before tossing it Tay Tay’s way. Why? She’s dramatic like that. Y’all have watched Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Where would Toni Braxton be? Probably doing something better with her life. My, my, how some things never change.

The feud between the dually rising R&B stars capitulated earlier this summer and refuses to show any signs of dying down — mostly because one party in particular can’t stop throwing daggers. I’m a Tamartian, but facts are facts. You see, following the premiere of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,Tamar posted the not so cryptic tweet: “Oh have fun and let this girl sell her fairytale.” Many presumed her to be referring to K. Michelle’s allegations of physical abuse from her former boyfriend, particularly because Tamar is a friend of the wife of the accused woman beater. Subtweets were sent from both directions, and at one point, Tamar sent out a cease and desist to K. after feeling threatened.

That should’ve been the end of that, but a year later “SHE” sent out another subtweet aimed at K. Michelle over a wig. No really. She did that and that’s kept these two going at it.

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