Throwback Thursday: The 10 Biggest Tools From Tool Academy



It’s Throwback Thursday and we are taking a weekly look back at old shows that you may (or may not) have forgotten about. First up: Tool Academy. For three seasons, the show duped a group of men, who thought of themselves as ballers, players, pimps and badasses, into thinking they were competing for the title of Mr. Awesome. Once on the show, they realized it was actually a charm school designed for tools. Each week, the men found themselves competing to prove their worth (and maturity) to their girlfriends, who had secretly enrolled them on the show. Of all the contestants on the series, these were the ones that tested us the most.

10. Angelo aka Teary Tool
Season 3


Of all the tools from three seasons of Academy, Angelo was the weepiest. The guy cried. All. The. Time. To the point where the humor was gone and it was just embarrassing because it’s like, ‘dude, seriously?’ But his fellow tools were the quickest to grow wary of it, noting that his tears started before group therapy.

9. Charm aka Shit Talkin’ Tool
Season 2


Basically anytime Charm spoke, you set your eyes to perma-roll. But nothing topped this statement in episode two: “I’m a model and I’m not over here to let this dude break my face. This is all money right here. This is money. Money in the bank right there.” He’s a model, he’s not here to make friends!

8. Margo aka M.E.G.A.’s girlfriend
Season 1


While there have been a share of questionable girlfriends on the show (Aida – season 1, Courtney – season 3), Margo was the first girlfriend to get her man eliminated. M.E.G.A. was one of the more mature men in the group but it was his girlfriend, who was holding him back. Relationship counselor Trina Dolenz saw through Margo’s guise and sent her and M.E.G.A. packing.

7. Josh aka Tiny Tool
Season 1


In episode 3, seemingly nice guy Josh slips up in the worst way. When the tools start ranking their ladies in bed, Josh gives his girlfriend a six out of ten, claiming he could have better sex with a blow up doll. The moment got worse when Josh attempted to guess Ashley’s weight, saying she “could be 300 pounds, could be 200 pounds.” Unfortunately for Josh, the entire conversation was caught on camera and shown to her during group therapy. Oops!

6. Josh aka Spray Tan Tool
Season 2


Sometimes there are poor losers and sometimes there is Josh. Not wanting to make himself look like an idiot, Josh refused to leave after being eliminated. When producers and security grew tired of his whining, they threatened him with trespassing and forcibly removed him from the premises. Host Jordan Murphy quickly grew tired of Josh’s stunt. “You’re a tool, you’ve been expelled, get the fuck out,” he screamed at the loser.

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