Black Ink Crew Episode Six: Bye-Bye, Alex


Do Ceaser And Puma Have A Future Together?

After Ceaser listened to Dutchess scoff at the prospect of Puma opening a successful business with no degree, the Black Ink boss met up with his longtime friend for the first time since he fired him in Episode One. There was a lot of talking over each other and pointing the blame elsewhere, which suggests these two will never be able to reach common ground. “She’s changed you, Ceaser,” Puma said of the so-called “Southern Belle.” “I’ve never seen you ever in my f–king life let one human being–not even a male or female–influence your life as much as I’ve seen this girl influence you.” They’re both passionate, but neither are willing to budge when it comes to accepting the situation at hand (or the basic history of their friendship). It’s a classic he said-he said, leaving viewers to decide who is really seeing things clearly. So whose side are you on?

Are you interested in whether or not Walt finds his father? Should Alex have skipped the photo shoot all together? Will Puma and Ceaser ever be friends again? Is Dutchess the real problem? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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