Love & Hip Hop Episode Two: I Make Dreams Come True


“As messy as me and Erica were last year, Peter’s got us beat by a hundred,” Rich Dollaz begins this week. Rich has just learned that Peter Gunz is married to Amina, because Mrs. Pankey herself told him. Yeah, safe to say anything Rich and Erica were up to last season pales in comparison to this mess.
More importantly though, Peter is so very angry at Amina for revealing the truth. Not very husband-y behavior, Peter!
“You didn’t tell him what this really is,” Amina says to Peter, and Rich just watches this s— -show play out before his eyes.
“This is a joke, right?” he asks. “Where’s Ashton Kutcher?”

“Are you f—ing kidding me? Yeah I fell in love with Amina. Yeah, I married her. It was a rash decision, but her going and talking like that? Killing me, man,” Peter says. About his wife. And her desire to tell people they are married. In most corners of the world, this is not such a bizarre thing.

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