Love & Hip Hop Episode Two: I Make Dreams Come True


When Peter catches wind that his two women are invited to the party he races over to Griffin to stop Amina from going in.Tara has already gone inside, but he catches Amina’s car as it pulls up and grabs her. “Ummm, we not going in,” he tells her. And she was so happy to see him, too.
Taras In There

“Tara’s in there.”

“Why did you come here? To stop me from going in?” she asks. Amina starts to cry and asks how much longer this can go on, how many more times can Peter tell her “tomorrow”? And the he has the balls to tell her to knock it off, that she’s “looking crazy” and making him “look bananas.” Oh, Peter. You don’t need Amina for that.

Amina walks away from him and tells him “Your word means nothing.”

“If he doesn’t tell her, I’m going to decide where and when she finds out. Not him.” From the “Next Week On…” scenes, safe to say Tara’s going to find out soon. Very soon.

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