Love & Hip Hop Episode Two: I Make Dreams Come True


K.Michelle and Paris meet up with Yandy for the first time since K got to New York, and immediately she tells Yandy she’s looking for a good man. Yandy thinks she might know some, but K’s one stipulation is “I don’t want no hairless cats.”
Hairless cat
And that’s NOT actually a euphemism for what Yandy thinks it is (“A hairless cat??”), she literally does not want a boyfriend who has a hairless cat as a pet.

Yandy tells K she and Rich have started their label together which leads to some hilarious Rich-bashing. Yandy agrees that Rich may have a bad reputation for “thinking with his little head instead of his big head,” but that he’s a great music businessman and that’s all she cares about — making money. And that leads to Yandy giving us the gif of the night when she says “At the end of the day y’all know how I feel about gettin’ my checks. I gets’em. Raaaor!”


Yandy then plans a party for K to welcome her to the city which sounds fun enough, but it will lead to a little bit of drama when it turns out Amina and Tara are both invited.

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