Love & Hip Hop Episode Two: I Make Dreams Come True


Peter meets with Tara for dinner to talk about their recent spats about Amina, and Tara tells him she doesn’t want to be that “jealous woman at home” and he shouldn’t feel like he can’t have fun. It really sucks seeing how understanding and forgiving Tara can be, while we all know the truth about Peter and Amina already, doesn’t it?

Tara explains that a few years ago, she dealt with a similar situation with Peter, where he was messing around with an ex, but also hiding a whole second family from her, too. At that moment, she says “I was completely done.”
Completely Done
For the sake of the family, she took him back. “I’ve lived through a mistake, but I won’t live through another one.”

During their dinner, they try to come to an agreement over Peter being home more and putting more effort into Tara and their kids who, he says, are his number one priority. “Promise me you’ll never leave me,” he tells her, like a man delusional enough to think she’ll agree to that, no questions asked.

“I can promise you I’ll never leave you as long as you don’t do anything stupid,” she says.

“Say ‘no matter what,'” he tells her.

“I would never say that,” Tara tells him.

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