Love & Hip Hop Episode Two: I Make Dreams Come True


“My name is Saigon…I’m the coolest guy in the world, to me,” begins the always humble rapper whom fans of Entourage and cool guys alike may already be familiar with. Here he is with his manager, Turtle.
Saigon and Erica Jean have a son together, but they actually have “zero relationship” with one another, Saigon says.
Saigon explains that he and Erica decided one night that they both wanted kids and boom, one try was all it took. However, Saigon also decided he wanted kids with his girlfriend at the time, so he has two children who are one month apart.

Erica’s side of the story is a bit different, as she explains that she was always in love with Saigon (a.k.a. Brian) and always wanted his child, but while she was pregnant, he went on tour and “got cold feet” about things. Nowadays, they want to be like more of a family and spend more time together to see where it goes.

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