Love & Hip Hop Episode Two: I Make Dreams Come True


Peter and Amina get together to busk in the park/he calls her a snitch for revealing they are married.

“It’s not fair that you want me to act like your wife but you don’t treat me like your wife,” she tells him. “Yo, you want to be treated like my wife, you gotta act like my wife,” he retorts. “I AM your wife,” she responds.

See, the thing is, Peter has told Amina that his relationship with Tara is over and he keeps promising that he’s going to break up with Tara “tomorrow.” But tomorrow never comes.

“You used to be my getaway from the bulls—,” he tells her, “and now you’re becoming part of the bulls—.” What a sweet talker, this guy.
And then he tells us that keeping the marriage quiet was one of five rules he laid out for her. RULES. Unfortunately he doesn’t tell us the other four. Now we really need to know those, Peter!

He wants the marriage kept a secret because “If you can tell that, what else you gonna tell? I got a lot of deep, dark secrets, you can’t be revealing my s—.”

Amina forgives him for being Peter, but threatens “If he doesn’t tell Tara soon, then I will.”

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