Love & Hip Hop Episode Two: I Make Dreams Come True



Here’s what happens when you play a game of pickup basketball with Peter Gunz. You get to talking and all of a sudden the paternity of your child is in doubt. Saigon and Peter know one another from way back, and they decide to play some ball together, and in the course of Saigon explaining that he’s debating getting back together with Erica Jean, Peter plants a seed that maybe, just maybe, Saigon’s son is not actually his.

Peter Gunz: when he’s not f—ing up his own relatonships, he’s f—ing up those of the people around him.

And all of this because people don’t think Saigon’s son looks like him. Sigh. When Saigon tells Erica about his new doubts, she reacts appropriately. “That’s the stupidest thing— he looks just like you. Where does this a—hole get off?”

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