Love & Hip Hop Episode 3: Creep Life


Erica is very happy with Cyn, but she can’t resist the pull toward the Dollaz, so she goes to Rich to discuss work and they end up getting into a bitch-fest about Nya Lee. They both had run-ins with her recently, with Nya calling Rich a cornball and whatnot, and Erica tells Rich all about her own argument with her in the studio. This unites them more. “I don’t know where this Nya chick gets off talking to me and Rich like that,” Erica says. “But she needs to remember, the only dollars you pick up is every night at the strip club.”

Erica then proposes that she and Rich think about re-establishing their business partnership. She has a calendar and her sex book lined up, and she might need Rich’s business expertise to help get those things going, and that’s when she reveals that one of the models for her sex book is Cyn. Not only does that make sense because she and Erica are into each other, but she probably doesn’t mind getting paid in Chipotle gift cards, so she’s affordable. Rich does not know what to make of all this, but he can’t resist Erica and seems to reluctantly agree.
Rich Hmm
“Nice doing business with you, boo,” she tells him as she walks out. “I know you miss it, baby.”

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