Love & Hip Hop Episode 3: Creep Life


Rich and Yandy are both all about the business, so they both hit up Amina at a show to talk to her about her music. Amina performs and then Yandy talks to her about the music, throwing serious subliminal shade at Amina. “It was clear Yandy was Team Tara,” Rich says.

“Do you feel like you’re a star?” Yandy asks Amina.

“Yeah!” Amina says, without a doubt.

“Then why would you play second?” Yandy asks. Before she can answer, in walks “first.” Tara.
“Would you like to sit down? I will get up,” Rich says.

Amina begins the conversation telling Tara what she knew about the situation: she knew Peter had one child (not two) and that he was still living with Tara.

“How do you think it’s remotely possible that we’re living together as a roommate situation?” Tara asks. Amina tells Tara that Peter told her he was still living there for the sake of the kids, which Tara doesn’t buy. “I feel guilty, knowing what I know now,” Amina confesses. “It’s not just that we’re f—ing each other, we love each other. I’m sorry to tell you but I know that he loves me.”

Tara asks for facts, proof of some kind that Peter truly loves Amina. She calls Amina an “outlet” for Peter, at which point Amina pulls some kind of pocket-sized marriage license OUT OF HER BRA

and yells “I’m an outlet? I’m his wife! And ain’t nothing fake about that!”

And so it begins.

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