Love & Hip Hop Episode 3: Creep Life


At last, tomorrow has come. Peter is finally ready to come clean to Tara and he invites her to the studio to tell her the truth about Amina.

“I been kinda working with Amina on management,” Peter begins, reminding Tara that she encouraged that (as if to put some of the responsibility on her, no doubt). “But, ah, along with the management thing, I kinda been f—ing with her a little bit.” Just a little bit. “So little in fact, that we are married,” is what he does not add.

“You f—ing a—hole,” Tara tells him, and asks how long it’s been going on.

“What difference does that make?” Peter asks.

“It makes a lot of difference to me,” she says. He admits it’s been a while and she flips.

“Again, Peter? Again? Another bitch?”

“You don’t feel no responsibility?” he asks. Seriously.

“F— that!” she responds. “You sit here looking sad — Cheer the f— up! You liked f—ing her, didn’t you?”

Tara is angry. “To spend thirteen years with a lying, deceitful, disgusting man. I can’t believe I wasted all this time being a fool.”

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