Love & Hip Hop Episode 3: Creep Life


Erica Jean is still trying to sort out Saigon’s request to get a DNA test to prove that their son, who they call “Little B” but whose actual name is Steven, go figure, is his. She needs some advice and calls her best friend Mystik up for some guidance. Mystik doesn’t really know Saigon (“All the stories you’ve told us, who wants to meet him?”) but she thinks Erica is foolish for wanting to get back with him. “The woman who’s having your child, you don’t treat like an a—hole!” she tells Erica. I like Mystik!

“You’re not gonna like this one either,” Erica tells Mystik, and she tells her about the DNA test. Mystik tells Erica to do the test because the proof and truth will be in her favor and give her some power for once.

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