Love & Hip Hop Episode 3: Creep Life


So Peter told Tara about Amina. Sorta. This is a man that doesn’t know how to rip a band aid off, he pulls sloooowly and makes the pain worse for everyone. He meets with Amina to declare that, yay! He told Tara. But Amina wants to know what, exactly, he told Tara because the words “wife” and “marriage” were certainly never mentioned.

“I said we smashing,” Peter says. “I mean, what more does she need to know than that?” Amina is upset that he’s diminishing their relationship by leaving out the most important details and deduces that she’s been lied to just as much as Tara.

“It’s clear that he’s been lying to me. He still has feelings for that woman,” Amina says. “Tara needs to know that I’m the number one woman in Peter’s life.” So her new mission is to find Tara and tell her she’s the wifey.

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