Love & Hip Hop Episode 3: Creep Life


Nya brings Erica into the studio to see how serious she is about their collaboration. She tells Erica that she needs to focus up and really make music her priority if they’re going to work together, and Erica takes some offense to the implication that she isn’t serious about her music. “This bitch need to get over herself, ’cause all she got right now is a YouTube video,” Nya says. Then Nya tells Erica, just moments after they both seemed excited to work together, that they will not be working together.

“You tryna discredit my s— like you better than me!” Erica tells Nya. “Clearly this chick is not too bright. You’re messing with the wrong one.”

“I’ve got a fan base for music, not because I’m a crazy-ass bitch!” Nya tells Erica.

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