Love & Hip Hop Episode 3: Creep Life


We’ve heard about Erica Mena’s new love for a couple of episodes now, and today, it’s time to finally meet her. Ladies and gents, it’s Cyn Santana.

What we know so far: Cyn has never dated a girl before. Erica is completely smitten with her. And Cyn really loves Chipotle.

Erica takes her out for a sexy meal that does not include a burrito assembly line and Cyn feels very out of place. Also, the cleavage situation on this date is out of control.
Erica Cleavage

Cyn Cleavage
Erica is actually pretty adorable in this scene because she’s so happy to be with Cyn. She’s completely goo-goo-eyed and they pinky swear that even though they don’t know where their relationship is going, they’ll remain friends no matter what. It’s a long way from some of Erica’s previous entanglements.

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