Love & Hip Hop Episode 3: Creep Life


Tahiry has some good and bad news for Joe this week. She got the role in a film that she auditioned for, which is great, but it means she’ll be away from Joe for four to six weeks. “I want your support, I want you to be proud of me,” Tahiry tells Joe about her news.

“How should proud me look right now?” he asks with a stone-cold glare. He tells her she’s adding rocks to an already rocky relationship, and as he’s saying this Tahiry finds the hair of a “friend” of Joe’s in his bed. “I’m adding rocks, and there was a friend of yours on my bed the other night?” she asks. She ransacks the bed and notices the sheets have been changed and Joe, like all men, doesn’t change his own sheets. “I can deal with a lot of things, but I will not tolerate that disrespect,” she says.

Joe denies that there was any sex, but Tahiry’s mind is exploding so loudly over the fact that there’s makeup all over the pillows that she’s not hearing it. “I’m with a woman that has trust issues,” Joe tells her. “You’re losing your mind.”


Tahiry storms out angrily, calling Joe out for his lifestyle and pajama choices (which he denies)

Footsie Tweet

and it looks like maybe their reconciliation was short-lived after all.

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