Forget The Love Triangle, Can Amina Really Sing?


The Peter Gunz-Amina-Tara love triangle is indeed the juiciest aspect of this season of Love & Hip Hop, but it happens to overshadow something else on the show: Amina’s actual musical talent. Too often we see reality stars who aspire to be musicians and don’t necessarily have all the natural gifts to pull it off, but from what we’ve heard from Amina, this woman can really sing (and play) and it’s a shame her music isn’t exactly getting its due.

Regardless of which type of “side ho” she may be (or maybe you’re on Team Amina and don’t think she’s a side chick at all), we wanted to put the spotlight on her music, including her recent solo stuff and her work with her sisters in Black Buddafly. Scroll through some of her songs below, many of which have appeared on the show already and let us know what you think of her talent. Posted above is the full version of her song “I Know What It Feels Like,” which she played at Yandy and Rich‘s showcase in episode one.

The song “Since You Been Gone” was featured in last week’s episode while Amina and Peter sat outside in the park playing guitar together.

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