Black Ink Crew Episode Nine: Puma And Ceaser Kiss And Make Up


With Puma‘s wedding approaching and the ongoing personal drama making everyone a little tense, the Black Ink Crew declares it time to turn up. These are major life moves Puma is making, after all, and anything less than a Hangover-style outing is not acceptable. Proving herself every bit the Wonder Twin, Sassy arranges for a fabulous weekend in a beachside mansion that happens to make all guest feel extremely comfortable. What could go wrong?

Puma is always the life of the party, but are his guests ready to get on his level? (Are they able to?) Will a few days away help Walt get a handle on his daddy issues? Will all this wedding talk make Teddy think about settling down? Check out the big moments from the night, below.

Ceaser Extends an Olive Branch

Needing some space after his fight with Dutchess, Ceaser seeks refuge at Puma’s bachelor party in Atlantic City. Ted is sure to greet him at the door, and things are weird for a few minutes, but that’s what alcohol is for. And after some celebratory shots, Ceaser is ready to kiss, makeup, and admit that he was wrong.

Black Ink Crew Ceaser and Puma

Friends Forever, Part 1

“Me and Puma are like an old married couple,” Ceaser says. “When I’m mad at him, I hate his f–king guts. But when me and him are cool? We have the best f–king times.” Their conversation carries over during beach time the next day, when Ceaser apologizes for his actions and concludes that being competitors in the tattoo business isn’t that big of a deal (“It ain’t even that serious for us to be beefing like this”). Puma might not agree 100 percent–he still feels he was disrespected by a longtime friend–but when Cease puts things into perspective by bringing up his old friend Corey, they become family once again. “You don’t understand how good a friend you have until you lose them,” Ceaser says.

Black Ink Crew Puma and Ceaser

Friends Forever, Part 2

Are these BFFs in the clear, or is there more trouble to come?

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