Black Ink Crew Episode Nine: Puma And Ceaser Kiss And Make Up


Is Ty Crossing The Line?

Black Ink Crew Dutchess

While Ceaser is in AC, Dutchess is back at home, still dealing with the fallout from their fight. Cease’s brother Tine visits the shop to make sure everything is OK between the lovebirds. (He was the one Dutchess confided in about her heart condition and the person who witnessed her break down after Ceaser left the barbecue; he’s earned his right be concerned.) They talk quietly for a few minutes, with Dutch once again pleading her innocence and her pseudo brother-in-law explaining that her actions made his brother feel insecure. Easy, partner. “I”m going to need for Ty to sit back and have several seats. Several,” Dutchess says. “One, two, three, four, five–give him several seats, OK?” Considering Dutchess refers to Puma and Sassy as “traitors,” Ty might want to tread lightly with this one. This conversation also brings us to our latest Dutchess Military Metaphor: “The horse is dead. Let him rest in peace!”

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