Black Ink Crew Episode Nine: Puma And Ceaser Kiss And Make Up


A Strip Club That Smells Like… Cabbage?

The bachelor party crew hits Bare Exposure, AC’s finest naked lady establishment. The man of the hour is only interested in “bottles, twerking, boobies [and] booties,” so the chances they’ll reach the point of no return feels highly likely. Yet even with distractions all around, Ceaser can’t get into the dancers’ interesting musk or rid Dutchess from his mind. “My heart is into this,” he explains. “I never even knew I had one.” Aww! Go home and get your lady, Cease. I’m sure Ted will make sure your lap dances don’t go to waste. As the weekend’s VIP, Puma does his part and has a good time, waking up a little hazy on the details. “When you don’t remember what the f–k happens, America, that means you had fun.” Not necessarily, kiddos. Please don’t try any of those dance moves at home.

Will Ceaser and Dutchess make up for good? Did Ceaser do the right thing by apologizing to Puma? Should Teddy keep seeing Ashley? Does O’S**t have a future with Kathie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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