Read An Exclusive Excerpt From The First Single Ladies e-Book, April: No Sex In The City


The gay nightclub was packed to capacity as deafening music blared from the speakers. Colored strobe lights illuminated the room. If April hadn’t been so full of rage, she would have actually dug the scene, but she wasn’t there for fun and games. She was there to catch Reggie red-handed. He couldn’t deny her accusations if she saw them with her own eyes. She blew through the club like a hurricane to no avail. There were too many faces to process and April’s resolve was weakening. Defeated and sick to her stomach, she pushed her way through to the bar.
“You lost, sweetheart?” the bartender asked as he leaned over the bar. He was dressed in full drag and had the fiercest contouring job she had ever seen, causing April to smile slightly in spite of herself.
“In more ways than one,” she replied.
“What can I get you?” he asked.
“A new boyfriend,” she shot back. “And a one-way ticket back to Atlanta.”

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