Read An Exclusive Excerpt From The First Single Ladies e-Book, April: No Sex In The City


The bartender flipped a shot glass, then filled it with tequila. “I can’t help you with that plane ticket, honey, but Patron will keep you warm better than any boy I know,” he said with a wink. “First round’s on me.” He passed her the shot and she accepted it graciously.
April knew the club scene well and knew that the bartenders were like flies on a wall. They saw all…knew all…heard all. When it came to the ends and outs of the club, the bartender was the person to go to. They also knew the regulars and April couldn’t help but wonder how often Reggie visited this spot.
“Hey. Does a guy named Reggie come here often? He’s light skinned, bald head…”
“Gorgeous, with a smile that looks like he models for a Crest commercial and an ass that you can bounce quarters off of,” the bartender finished her description for her.
April nodded and scrunched her nose in confirmation. “You haven’t seen him tonight have you?”
“Baby, we see him every night,” the bartender replied. “Second floor, take the hall to the end. Make sure you knock first.”
April downed her shot and left the bartender a $20 tip before she headed for the stairs.

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