Black Ink Crew Episode 10: O’S**t Prepares For A Long, Hard Journey


Puma Says Goodbye To His Dreads

Quani is down for most of Puma’s shenanigans–strip club visits included–but she’s hoping for dreadlock-free photos come wedding day. Puma without his dreads? That’s like Don King without his ‘fro or Rick Ross without his beard! Being a devoted fiance, Puma takes the plunge and cuts it all off, saying goodbye to years of memories along the way. At least he can see his ears now?

Black Ink Crew Puma

We all know that the barbershop is a great place to gossip, but Puma decides that his hair appointment is an excellent opportunity to clue Ceaser in to the fact that Dutchess is not invited to his destination wedding. Does storming off into the street say enough about how the Black Ink boss took the news? After the longtime friends patched things up, will this threaten to ruin their relationship for good? Or should Ceaser not be held responsible for Dutchess and her actions?

For more of Puma with his new ‘do, check out the gallery below:

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