Love & Hip Hop Episode 6: My Mouth Is Reckless


Peter has to tell Amina that Yandy doesn’t want to work with her because of their messy situation and Amina’s not very happy to hear that. “Seriously, it’s not cool that Yandy psyched me up about signing me to her label and now she’s backing out,” Amina says with an eye roll. “I didn’t break up anybody’s family or cheat on anybody’s baby mama. Peter did that. And now it seems like I’m the one who’s paying the price.”
Amina has another problem with Peter, too, and that’s the fact that even though their marriage is now out there and Tara knows about it, Peter still doesn’t act very husband-y. He sleeps elsewhere, he doesn’t come by much, and Amina says “It’s like you’re my husband whenever you feel like it.” Peter thinks that for the most part, he IS playing the role of husband, but he tells her that some day he’ll give her a ring to make things look more legit. The only reason he hasn’t yet is that he can’t afford a nice one. Amina asks him if he’ll wear a ring too and even though his lips say “Yes,” his eyes say “Maybe?”

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