Love & Hip Hop Episode 6: My Mouth Is Reckless


“I want nothing to do with this clown,” Erica says right off the bat when she realizes Peter is at this dinner that Rich has set up. She doesn’t know about Rich’s brilliant idea to have Peter manage her, and she’s about to shut it down before it even gets any momentum.

“Had I told her we was gonna meet with Pete, she probably wouldn’t have showed up,” Rich says. He was very right about that.

Peter begins the conversation well enough, he apologizes for his meddling in their relationship last year but Erica doesn’t accept. She tells him to be a man and explain why he meddled in the first place, and Peter explains “Streets was talkin’ that you were a little reckless.” Erica rolls her eyes and responds “Let’s talk about the streets, ’cause the streets is talking, you’re a f—ig clown out in these streets.”
Peter takes a jab at Erica’s talent, telling her she can’t sing, and she knocks him for having no credibility. He tells her when you break it all down, all Erica is is a pair of fake boobs and ass. “If that’s what you wanna break it down to to make yourself feel better then yeah, my tits is fake and my mouth is real, motherf—er.”
Rich is taking in his brilliant idea serenely.
While Amina — oh, yeah, Amina is there too — is more shocked than anything, to hear this woman call her man a clown.
“Rich, if you don’t get this bitch out my f—ing face —” Peter begins, but Erica hurls a plate at his head and before he can finish his sentence, he makes good on whatever he was going to say, because he hurls a glass at her. After they’re separated, Erica yells her new catchphrase at him just to drive her point home.

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